Faster Scanning, Clearer Images and Progressive, Dependable Equipment.

Venders and Consumers alike call MRT when they want a job done right and when they can’t figure out what’s wrong! Simply put: we exceed expectations.

Masters of our trade, MRT will confidently provide you with the best quality reconditioned MRI, CT, PET equipment, shielding, service, project management and more in diagnostic Imaging.

Buying and Selling Reconditioned Imaging Equipment

MRT should be your first call for single or multiple equipment projects. Our job is to maximize value for your investment. We buy, sell and give trade-in credits for Imaging Equipment. MRT performs the necessary work to validate superior quality machines and focuses on the details other providers often overlook.

Medical Imaging Procurement

MRT has the largest global network of equipment sourcing. Whether you want new-age, rare or affordable workhorse equipment, MRT is your one-stop shop.

Build, Buy or Rent Mobile MRI and CT Trailers

Test the market, avoid expensive buildout, utilize small space/property, establish a route, or simply contain your costs by investing in a mobile unit. You can be up and scanning immediately!

Multi-Facility Upgrades

MRT specializes in handling multiple facility projects. Competent and experienced we will plan, manage, and execute multiple facility timelines to keep you progressive in today’s competitive imaging market.

MRI & CT Rentals

Fixed and mobile rental options are available so that all you must do is focus on your business and make a monthly payment. Everything else, including the service, is in MRT’s competent hands.

Pre-Installation and On-Site Services

Arguably more important than picking the right machine is verifying your buildout is executed flawlessly. Many variables can impact image quality. MRT is proven and trusted by the most respected authorities in this industry to diagnose problems and to provide solutions. We get things done right, the first time.

Site Visit, Inspection, Vibration & EMI Testing

With the most trusted eyes in the business for surveying the environmental, spatial and physics of your site, MRT will inspect your location to ascertain any issues needing addressed.

Site Planning & Room Designs

Rooms and imaging facilities come in all shapes and sizes. MRT works with your vision to create site-specific room designs that maximize work/patient flow and provides your general contractor and architect with accurate plans to work from.

Project management/Consulting

When other professionals run into problems, they turn to us to figure out a solution. MRT avoids costly surprises and works directly with your GC and architect to keep the project moving forward quickly and correctly.

Construction And Site Prep

MRT has earned decades of experience and formed proven methods of execution. By implementing our process into your project, MRT will minimize your risk and help you avoid mistakes (mistakes can literally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars). We protect your investment; enabling you to succeed and profit.

Room Buildout For Diagnostic Imaging

Most general contractors do not have experience building MRI rooms. With boots on the ground MRT will lead your general contractors and directly communicate with your on-site team to push the project forward and guarantee efficiency.

Mobile MRI and CT Construction

Properly building a road worthy mobile unit is no easy task. Our mobile MRI and CT trailers can handle the abuse of the road while maintaining a comfortable, pristine and professional appearance.

Magnetic & RF Shielding

Needed for every MRI room, we are solely trusted by some of the largest and most recognized hospitals in the world to shield ALL of their rooms. We’re the best in the business at containing your 5 gauss line and protecting your image quality.

Installation and De-Installation

Imaging equipment is not “one-size fits all” and MRT only dispatches the most experienced and trusted engineers to handle the installation and de-installation process. When your machine is 50 feet in the air being guided into your facility you’ll want MRT executing the job. We minimize your risk, stay until the job is done and leave you knowing that you made the right choice working with us.


Up, over, down and around…if it can be rigged, we’ll rig it. From skyscrapers to basements MRT will get your machine safely into your space and placed according to plan.

Installation & De-Installation

MRT’s founder literally helped install the first whole-body-imaging, super-conducting magnet in this hemisphere. In a business where the smallest overlooked detail could ruin image quality who better to trust than MRT…our experience and knowledge can be traced back to the creation of these technologies. We’ll get the job done right, the first time.

Application Training

Once installed, our applications trainers will meet your technicians on-site to show them how to operate your machine confidently. After training they will remain available via phone to address any future questions or concerns that may pop up.

On-Going Services

With possibly the largest return business portfolio in the industry, MRT is interested in establishing long-term partnerships. We will help you expand into more facilities, orchestrate multiple machine upgrades, coordinate mobile units to avoid down time, and keep you up and running. We’ll handle all of your Diagnostic Equipment needs so that you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Parts and Labor Services Contracts

Dependable and committed, MRT dispatches the most experienced engineers in the business to address any problems or obstacles that arise. With multiple service options to choose from, we’ll keep your machine up and running with a 95% uptime guarantee.

Consulting and OEM management

Sometimes you just want to buy new and we get that but you still need an expert in your corner to make sure the job is done right. MRT has the best references and resources in the country; trust us to represent your company and make certain you’re getting the most out of your investment.

MRI & CT Storage

Magnetic Resonance Technologies, Inc. offers onsite cold storage with daily inspections in a temperature controlled atmosphere. Our technicians measure the levels of helium and inspect each unit thoroughly every day. Cryogens, Magnet compressor and Coldhead service is easily performed by the in house staff.

Mobile Storage

We have several individually metered pads for mobile trailer storage; each with a separate electric meters. Billing out electrical use is accurate and specific to each trailer. This is an important point because Medical trailers consume large and varying amounts of electricity. Time of year, efficiency of air conditioners, type of chillers, etc., all affect the electrical consumption.

The Most Trusted Name In Medical Imaging

Ensuring Artifact Free MRI Imaging through consultation to installation.

Our company’s focus is to do things right, the first time.

We keep things simple, we do good business.

Our core values are: Brutal Honesty, Open Communication, Dependability and Exemplary Execution Integrity.

When a site is down or image quality is off, when no one can figure out why….We’re the team the professionals call.

MRT is the Industry’s Top Provider of MRI and CT room construction, shielding, project management, equipment procurement and service.

MRT only works with the best, most qualified professionals in the industry so that our clients can trust their project is in competent hand

Every job is an opportunity to prove the legitimacy of our reputation.

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