Quality Reconditioned CT Scanners For Sale

MRT offers a large selection of reconditioned CT machines ranging from 4 to 320 slices. CT images are good for scanning injuries from trauma, abdominal pain, staging cancer, imaging bone, soft tissue differentiation and blood vessels. CT units rarely cause discomfort or stress for patients.

4, 6, 8 Slice CT Machine

The 4, 6, 8 Slice CT are typically used in veterinary work, smaller or low income markets

16 Slice CT Machine

The most widely used CT in the market, the 16 slice CT is your “bread and butter” scanner capable of handling the workload of most practices.

64 Slice CT Machine

Twice the speed and image quality as the 16 slice, the 64 slice CT is often recommended for practices doing heavy cardiac.

128, 256, 320 Slice CT Machine

These incredibly fast units are typically reserved for advanced imaging and research facilities.

Mobile CT Unit

Mobile CT units can be utilized to provide your facility with flexibility. It contains your costs, can be used temporarily, service a wider region of patients and allows a facility to test the market before committing fully to a fixed system.

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