Why Magnetic Resonance Technologies

Proven Engineers, More Experience, Better References.

Leading the Industry from Procurement to Maintenance Programs MRT is the team that vendors and doctors alike turn to when they are facing obstacles and needing solutions. Cut out the middle-man and go straight to the talent.

We provide total turn-key solutions including Consulting, MRI Shielding, and Equipment Service all accomplished by in-house, highly trained, and experienced specialists.

We’ll gladly put our knowledge, products and personnel up against anyone in the business. We do things right the first time and we aren’t satisfied until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

Trust, Industry Experience, Communication and Customer Success

We uphold our end and exceed expectations 
because what really matters is the patient.


We know equipment projects are large investments and many times the focal point of your practice. We take pride in fulfilling our role and leading your team towards the completion of that investment. After one phone call you will know that you can trust us to get the job done right. We take that trust seriously.

Industry Expereince

Our owner installed the first super-conducting whole-body imaging magnet in this hemisphere. Building on that experience, MRT has identified and partnered with the best engineers, minds and personnel in the business. We’ve been around since the beginning and helped develop the technologies and practices used today, who better to handle your project?


Transparency in communication is key. No matter the situation, good or bad, we pick up the phone. You will never have trouble getting a hold of us and we will keep you informed every step of the way. You have our word.

Customer Success

Our exceptional reputation is a direct reflection of our customers’ success. After providing first-class equipment, project management and service to our customers they strengthen their communities, care for patients and improve the health and minds of the people around them.

Our Process And Personnel Are Proven, Trusted and Respected.

The Best Teams Produce the Best Results.

Identify Your Needs

Don’t buy equipment you don’t need. We’ll educate you on the actual differences between modalities so that we can fulfill your needs, strengthen your practice, attract a larger variety of patients and extend your value instead of your budget.

Reduce Risk And Protect Your Investment

A clear and comprehensive plan and realistic timeline will be provided to customers. MRT spearheads your project and guides your personnel from start to finish so that things are done quickly, correctly, and there is no confusion towards responsibilities. When a job is done right the first time, costly mistakes are less likely to occur.

Execution Integrity

MRT is able to dispatch the very best personnel in the business because they take pride in their work and reputation. They have spent decades learning from their experiences and are steadfast in fulfilling the execution integrity expected of them.

First Rate Results

MRT is trusted by some of the most esteemed hospitals in the world because of our dedication to excellence. Your equipment and project will be handled deliberately and carefully to completion. Whether a major global hospital, multi-facility network or stand alone private practice, MRT will give you the tools to succeed and prosper.

The Most Trusted Name In Medical Imaging

Ensuring Artifact Free MRI Imaging through consultation to installation.

Our company’s focus is to do things right, the first time.

We keep things simple, we do good business.

Our core values are: Brutal Honesty, Open Communication, Dependability and Exemplary Execution Integrity.

When a site is down or image quality is off, when no one can figure out why….We’re the team the professionals call.

MRT is the Industry’s Top Provider of MRI and CT room construction, shielding, project management, equipment procurement and service.

MRT only works with the best, most qualified professionals in the industry so that our clients can trust their project is in competent hand

Every job is an opportunity to prove the legitimacy of our reputation.

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