Streamline the process of acquiring and installing medical imaging equipment so that our clients can focus on what is important, their practice and their patients.

We believe in the Patient First mentality and ask ourselves “would I feel comfortable trusting this equipment with my own family?” If the answer is no, then the job is not yet done. Every piece of equipment provided by MRT will look and perform like new, and every project will be executed with foremost professionalism.

As said on our Why Us page: We’ll gladly put our knowledge, products and personnel up against anyone in the business. We do things right the first time and we aren’t satisfied until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

About The Founder

Founder Mike Profeta installed the first super-conducting, whole-body Imaging magnet in this hemisphere. From there he was recruited to the research and development team where he helped found the MRI technologies that we use today.

He then mastered the art and physics of shielding and has been trusted ever since to build and maintain equipment rooms for some of the largest, most prestigious, hospitals in the world…hospitals that only want the best of the best.

He is one of the most respected minds in the industry and he has built MRT upon the foundations of his experience.

Our Core Values

A list of MRT core values will be essential to our success

Brutal Honesty

Our team, customers, and partners are why we are here. We believe being open and honest strengthens relationships, drives progress, and promotes success.

Hard Work And Humility

Continuous improvement is a foundation for how we live and work. We can always get better, whether it is improving a process, a relationship, technology implementation, or a habit - striving for improvement is a pillar in our philosophy.


Helping a colleague, customer, or community is what makes us human. We believe in business and life; we live to serve others.

Exemplary Execution

The future is important in our business, our life, and the environment. We believe we have an obligation to build it right and pay it forward.


We fundamentally believe taking action promotes long term momentum of progress. We believe in taking action today. Not tomorrow.

The Most Trusted Name In Medical Imaging

Ensuring Artifact Free MRI Imaging through consultation to installation.

Our company’s focus is to do things right, the first time.

We keep things simple, we do good business.

Our core values are: Brutal Honesty, Open Communication, Dependability and Exemplary Execution Integrity.

When a site is down or image quality is off, when no one can figure out why….We’re the team the professionals call.

MRT is the Industry’s Top Provider of MRI and CT room construction, shielding, project management, equipment procurement and service.

MRT only works with the best, most qualified professionals in the industry so that our clients can trust their project is in competent hand

Every job is an opportunity to prove the legitimacy of our reputation.

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